A/B Testing: How small changes can make a big difference

A/B Testing is a growing concept in the world of marketing and design that allows companies to test out two different webpage layouts, and see which layout attracts higher conversion rates. The process is rather simple, you have to choose a certain element you would like to focus on, and creating two different versions for it. You then can run them both simultaneously to see which version will prove to be more successful. Website owners can track consumer behaviors by uploading both versions of the web-design to a tracking software program, such as Google Analytics. That program will then split your traffic between the two different designs, and then they can track which design promotes the most optimal customer behavior.


Smashing Magazine published a short eBook titled “The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing” which shared different approaches a company to take for their A/B testing and it showcased a number of different examples of how A/B Testing works . They also gave a common list of different elements that a company should focus on for the testing.

Even though every A/B test is unique, certain elements are usually tested:

1. The call to action’s (i.e. the button’s) wording, size, color and placement ; 2. Headline or product description ; 3. Form’s length and types of fields ; 4. Layout and style of website ; 5. Product pricing and promotional offers ; 6. Images on landing and product pages ; 7. Amount of text on the page (short vs. long).



After reading about the variety of different things I can test, I wanted to know how exactly I can complete one of these magical A/B tests’.

The Visual Website Optimizer created a 7 step process to successfully running an A/B Test.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.36.24 AM

This website also had a intensive list of a various different successful A/B Test case studies.

I chose to look at a website called iCouponBlog because by conducting an A/B Test they were able to increase their conversion rates by 400% just by removing the Secure picture.





It is crazy that the internet and coding can allow a company to increase their conversions by 400% just by doing an A/B Test. By utilizing this testing format, there is truly no reason for a company to have a website failure because their are programs and companies that can easily help each company individually.

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