Content Marketing= Search+Content+Social Media

Instead of starting this blog post the same way I have started all the others, with some dramatic paragraph about how the world of marketing is changing and evolving, I am going to get straight to the point. I will just skip the introduction part where I talk about how because of recent technological advancements and the internet, outbound marketing strategies are no longer as effective, and new marketing strategies must be implemented to adapt to these changes.

Earlier this week we talked about the various forms of social media, and how they relate to the world of marketing. We highlighted the fact that if it is executed correctly, social media can become a major asset to a company’s marketing mix. Having a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter can ultimately create a brand community, where consumers and the business can interact on a daily basis like never before. After reading “The Business Case For Agile Content Marketing” and “A Content Marketing Strategy That Works,” I learned that social media isn’t strong enough to stand on its own.

This is where content marketing comes into play.


Content marketing is a concept that that incorporates and brings together three very important aspects of marketing: Search, Content, and Social Media. It’s about creating content that can draw people in, and keep them coming back for more. The content no longer is perceived as interruptive, rather it becomes informative and engaging.

Brian Clark, CEO of CopyBlogger Media and author of “A Content Marketing Strategy That Works” created a 7 step guideline to implementing successful content marketing:

1. Allow your content to be Agile: Due to all the different changes happening with content marketing, your company and content must be able to change. You must be able to adapt to different suggestions, and new concepts.

2. The real deal: Authentic The content you are producing must be true, and well researched. Make sure that the content you are producing is authentic. It must be true and well researched, because after all you are supposed to be the expert.

3. Standing out: After completing the first two requirements, now you must begin gaining attention. You must become known, and easily found.

4. After gaining the attention you want, now you can begin to build that into a strong and loyal audience. You should always listen to suggestions from your audience, and because you are agile you can implement the different suggestions.

5. Now that you have the attention of your audience, you can begin to showcase your authority. Share with them and educate them. Dont forget though: Be confident, not cocky.

6. Three, Two, One & Action: Now that you have started educating your audience you can begin to take action, and begin selling your product.

7. Now that you have taken the time and completed steps 1-6, and you have captured that perfect audience, you can begin to accelerate and enjoy the ride. But don’t forget to fill up for gas (aka 1-6)

Content Marketing Example:

When I started looking for an example of a company who has already established a great content marketing strategy, I didn’t have to look for too long until I found the perfect company. On the second page, and the 9th example down I found LEGO Club Magazine, and the rest was history.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 1.20.35 PM

Until an embarrassing age, Legos played a major role in my life. As a previous LEGO Club Magazine member, I was proud to see the company was being noticed for their genius marketing. As I started doing more research on what made the company so successful, I began feeling nostalgic, and then shortly after that I began feeling jealous. The Lego world has expanded beyond any of my wildest dreams. By offering LEGO members access to a number of different micro sites, mini-movies, and creating online networks such as “My Lego Network” and “LEGO Universe” and “DESIGNbeME” they have truly created a community.

They have created a brand that their audiences trusts and believes in, and as long as they continue to grow and expand this world,  the company will always be able to attract new customers.

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