The Beginner’s Guide To SEO

“The Beginner’s Guide To SEO” is an article that explains everything a person may need to learn about the world of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of gaining website traffic thorough organic or un-paid search results. Although this is my second time reading this article, there are still many concepts within the article that I do not have true understanding of. I am excited to learn throughout this quarter about SEO, and look forward to seeing it grow and advance in the years to come.

The one thing that I did understand fully after reading this article was just how fortunate I am that I live in a time period where I have access to a whole world of information at the click of a button. For instance, this morning when I woke up for school and I went to check my twitter feed, I saw that there were multiple tweets talking about the government shutdown. From twitter I went right to google and typed in the keywords “Government shutdown,” and in 0.29 seconds I had access to 1,760,000,000 articles. Because I had just finished reading The Beginner’s Guide To SEO, I actually took a second to really think about those results. In less than one second, I had access to over one billion different articles.

Nowadays, because people have grown so accustomed to having this  type of instantaneous access, that there are more than 5,134,000,000 google searches made per day. People are using google to access information about anything and everything you can possibly imagine, and that is where the idea of search engine marketing comes into play. SEM is becoming increasingly more popular as a direct result of our generations dependency on technology, the internet, and most importantly search engines. If a company plans to have any presence on the web, SEM will soon become an essential part of their marketing mix if it isn’t already. Without the right amount of marketing, a company can be lost within the 1,760,000,000 different results, which will ultimately close the door to many more potential costumers. As new forms of technology are being released, our dependency on technology and the internet continues to grow, and our mobile technology continues to advance, the future of SEM is looking brighter than ever before. Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 1.43.14 PM

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